Measures to Take If Your Garage Door Remote Is Lost or Stolen

Have you ever faced this situation wherein after a hectic day’s work, you reach your home and start looking for your garage door opener just to discover that it’s not where you normally keep it? Many people may get carried away by thinking that handheld remotes just control automatic garage door openers may be of … Continued

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Automatic Garage Door Repairs Sydney: Case Study

If automatic garage door repairs sydney wide is what you’re after, our Metro Garage Services quick response team makes sure your garage door is operating like new again. Common problems with garage door include broken springs, automatic opener not working, broken sectional door cables, door opening and closing on its own, garage door not closing … Continued

automatic garage door repairs sydney

Automatic Garage door openers for seniors

                  It’s quite easy for young people to open and close our garage doors every day, but unfortunately, there comes a time where we would prefer for something to do it for us. Especially in times where most of our life is automated. Getting an automatic garage … Continued

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Garage door remote opener replacement

            No matter how careful we are, misplacing or having our garage door remote stolen happens to most of us on month to month basis. If you have encountered this situation before you will surely understand the inconvenience and shock which this brings. In a recent incident in Sydney, an … Continued

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Your future garage doors

Today we have something special for our Sydney technology lovers. Everything changes so fast when it comes to mechanical devices, new smartphones are being released pretty much every day. Do you think the technology when it comes to garage doors is missing out? No way! The industry is keeping up well and always up to … Continued

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Merlin garage door repairs Sydney

At Metro Garage Services we take your home safety that is why we always recommend the most trusted brands available on the market in Sydney, such as Merlin Garage Door & Gate Openers. Merlin is committed to ensuring your most valuable assets – your family and pets are safe at all time. Merlin’s range of … Continued

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