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Your future garage doors


Your future garage doors in Sydney

Today we have something special for our Sydney technology lovers. Everything changes so fast when it comes to mechanical devices, new smartphones are being released pretty much every day. Do you think the technology when it comes to garage doors is missing out? No way! The industry is keeping up well and always up to date. The evolution of garage doors took us long way from sliding doors, swing doors and lifting doors. Some of the most exciting options involve garages under homes, accessible by underground doors!

How far will the technology take us? In the end, a door is a door, yet with growing creation and discovery of new materials, is it possible that our humble garage doors can transform themselves into something else.

Let’s take control

At first, we were forced to get out of our vehicles to manually open our garage doors, then we invented remote controls to make the process a little easier. Now thanks to the fast evolution of the smartphones and the new innovative app, garage doors can potentially be completely controlled from your phone app. What’s more, the app not only controls your garage door, it can monitor and control the temperature inside your garage. Say goodbye to frosty windscreens this winter, just don’t be tempted to use it whilst driving.

Passion for fashion

Do you like the style of your current garage doors?

We’ve already got the mirrored and gleaming aluminium down to a near virtual T, how much further we can go?

When you get bored of your garage appearance, the easiest way is to grab a paintbrush and change its colour. It’s not an easy job, how amazing would it be to have an interactive garage door? Whenever you get tired of the same colour or style, simply press the button and change it!

For minimalism lovers, we would like to recommend holographic doors. Instead of plain glaringly obvious door announcing to people passing by that you have potentially expensive objects inside, you simply flick a switch and bam: your garage door is now a wall. At the moment we don’t have the technology for this, but perhaps this will change in the future.

Shape-changing doors!

Now something more to be wowed! Last year in Australia a group of scientists have invented a manual for making metallic glass. When it’s cold, the metal is stronger than steel, yet when heated up, the metal gets as malleable as putty. Can you imagine the level of safety this invention can guarantee with a door stronger than steel?

With so fast developing technology, maybe one day we will be able to enter our garages through the garage door!

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