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Garage door remote opener replacement

Garage door remote opener replacement

No matter how careful we are, misplacing or having our garage door remote stolen happens to most of us on month to month basis. If you have encountered this situation before you will surely understand the inconvenience and shock which this brings. In a recent incident in Sydney, an elderly woman had had her handbag stolen from a public library. Not only did they manage to steal the handbag, by the time she noticed it was missing, she saw her car being driven out of the car park. The shock of the situation would bring a lot of fear for anyone. The lady had to cancel her credit cards, phone plan and notify the police. Not to take any chances the woman also changed the locks at her house and ordered replacement garage door remotes.

At Metro Garage Services we totally understand the importance of our client’s security and for us it’s the priority.

Merlin garage door remotes can be easily replaced but firstly and more importantly, the old garage door remote can be erased so undesired guests won’t have access to her property and the contents of the garage.

If you find yourself in the situation where your keys have been stolen or lost, Metro Garage Services in Sydney offer a quick response for all garage door repairs in Sydney.

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