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Measures to Take If Your Garage Door Remote Is Lost or Stolen

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Have you ever faced this situation wherein after a hectic day’s work, you reach your home and start looking for your garage door opener just to discover that it’s not where you normally keep it?

Many people may get carried away by thinking that handheld remotes just control automatic garage door openers may be of no use if stolen, but thieves think in a different way. For thieves, a stolen garage door remote means a key to a fortune and in this case, your particular garage or home, which is filled with many precious items, can be stolen.

But Don’t Fret…

Rightly, a stolen or missing garage door remote is a concern, but it isn’t something, which should send you into a fearful mode. You just have to become a little sensible and take essential measures to avert a thief from using the remote, and then your home and all your belongings will be safeguarded.

Though it may not seem like an emergency, be quick to take action. The more you delay in taking essential measures to shield your home, easier it gets to become a victim of an intruder.

Disable the Opener

Suppose, you aren’t able to find the remote or doubt it may have got stolen, then you need to unplug the door opener so that you can get some time to find the missing remote or purchase a replacement.

Clean Up or Delete Memory

The majority of the modern garage door openers have a button that facilitates you to clear the memory and remove all the codes that have been programmed to open the door. Cleaning up the memory will make your lost remote unusable, making it impractical for anyone using it to get access to your garage. To know how to do it, just refer to your owner’s manual.

Control Panel Is Not There: Take No Worries!

Some garage door openers won’t have an independent control panel in the garage, but they can be manoeuvred using a small doorbell for an operation like a wireless wall button. These garage door openers can be deactivated in a different manner. The method to deactivate it is by disconnecting the system from the power point. After you have disconnected the system, you can open and close the garage door manually.

Why You Need To Buy a Replacement

Well, if you have removed the old opener codes and still haven’t been able to get back your missing remote, then it’s time to buy a replacement. Replacement remotes for your garage door can be bought from garage door specialists like Metro Garage Services.

Top Tip to Remember

In many garages, a door is there, which leads to the house. If an intruder gets access to your garage then they can get access to your home quite easily. That’s the reason it is so important to keep your garage door opener in a safe place, which is the best practice to safeguard your home and your belongings.

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