Maintain Your Automatic Garage Door in Top Working Condition

An automatic garage door is among the most frequently used mechanisms in many homes. Yet, if your garage door is not working properly, it is a clear indication of lack of maintenance because an automatic garage door requires regular maintenance to operate smoothly. Its structure is often the heaviest and largest piece of moving equipment … Continued


Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Openers Vs Manual Garage Door Openers

Eventually, every person has to make a decision to install an automatic garage door opener or a manual garage door opener. No matter you are building a new garage in your home or replacing your old garage doors with new ones; whatever the situation is, you still have to make this primary and crucial decision. … Continued

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Beginners guide to garages and carports.

Our garages and carports serve many purposes and can be placed pretty much anywhere on a property. Majority of them is built-in as an extension of the existing house, but in Sydney, we’ve also come across freestanding garages. They can be prefabricated or built from scratch. How would you like to use your garage door … Continued

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Organise your garage with these 5 simple tips.

If your garage currently feels like an impenetrable mess of boxes, garden tools and who knows what then it’s time to get organised. – Clear the clutter from your garage The more space you can create, the easier this job is going to be. Good ideas to create more space are holding a garage sale, … Continued

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The maintenance requirements of your garage door system.

Regular servicing is crucial in maintaining trouble free operation of your garage door system in Sydney. General Service Your garage door, even when operating normally, will still require regular servicing and preventative maintenance to ensure free operation. Regular maintenance not only promotes longer product life and ensures the manufacturer’s warranty is maintained, but also greatly … Continued

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6 Steps to Superior Sectional Door Servicing

When it comes to an attractive exterior for your home, a garage can make or break your look. Ugly garage doors might scare people away, but you don’t want to sacrifice space for style. After all, one of the biggest features of any garage is their space saving capacity. One garage door option that is … Continued


The importance of garage door maintenance for your home in Sydney

Just imagine what would happen if one day, you got in your car, as usual, to go to work and your garage door wouldn’t open, or worst case scenario, your automatic garage door opened, but didn’t close? How secure would you feel knowing all your possessions in your garage were exposed to anyone walking past … Continued

Repair your garage door motor in Sydney

Are you a property owner looking for a reputable company to carry out your garage door motor repair? Sydney metropolitan area property owners can now call Metro Garage Services, the professionals in the trade who can fix your garage door motor on the same day. Did you know the average life of a garage door … Continued

Respect your neighbours! Garage Roller Door and Motor Maintenance Tips

When you neighbours start complaining, or worse, yelling at you about the noise your roller door makes, you know it’s time to get it fixed. Your garage roller doors need maintenance or fixing when it: Opens slowly Shudders when opening Stops half way up or down Won’t open, even when the motor is running Doesn’t … Continued