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Maintain Your Automatic Garage Door in Top Working Condition

Maintain Your Automatic Garage Door in Top Working Condition

An automatic garage door is among the most frequently used mechanisms in many homes. Yet, if your garage door is not working properly, it is a clear indication of lack of maintenance because an automatic garage door requires regular maintenance to operate smoothly. Its structure is often the heaviest and largest piece of moving equipment around the home that undoubtedly requires frequent testing and utmost care.

However, if your automatic garage door isn’t maintained properly, it can get disordered and even demand an urgent door replacement. Therefore, if you want to maintain your automatic garage door in top working condition then just adhere to some of the easiest tips mentioned below:

Appropriate Cleaning of Your Automatic Garage Door

For maintaining your garage door, it is important to clean the interior as well as the exterior on a regular basis. In fact, proper cleaning can help you to avoid unnecessary accumulation of debris, rust and blockages that can otherwise degrade your door or might lead to an impulsive breakdown of the automation system.

When it comes to cleaning your garage door, many cleaning products are available on the market, to make your process easier like using the garage door cleaning detergent with water, large sponge with a detergent mix on the garage door or a hose to remove accumulated rust and debris. If your garage door is of wood, then you need to clean with extra care because wood has the tendency of absorbing water quickly; and it needs a regular touch up and refinishing. Moreover, if your garage door is of metal, make sure to avoid using detergent on metal parts as it can lead to rust formation.

Once your garage door is properly cleaned, it is time to lubricate the vital parts for smooth and efficient operation.

Applying Good Quantity of Lubrication to the Automatic Garage Door

If your garage door is jammed down halfway or not working properly, lubrication can be the cause because garage door contains varied metal parts that need regular lubrication. Ensure to lubricate the springs, hinges and bearings that aid your garage door to function smoothly. A non-silicon based lubricant is always recommended for use.

It is important to know that roller tracks shouldn’t be lubricated because it can invite unwanted door malfunction that can be risky for homeowners.

After applying lubricant on every metal part, it is necessary to perform a routine inspection for identifying any abnormal wear. If any part of the door is rusted or worn, it should be replaced immediately to get a convenient garage door.

Regular Inspection for Safety

Routine garage door inspection is the best way to maintain the safety of you and your family. In fact, you can easily inspect by carefully monitoring your automatic garage door opener and different parts to identify a malfunction. It is always recommended to inspect your automatic garage door and if you observe an unusual malfunction in your garage door, get in touch with Metro Garage Services for quick assistance. Call us on 0456 560 404 to get a fast response and to know more about the best solutions for your automatic garage door and garage door opener in Sydney!