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How to Open Your Automatic Garage Door during a Power Outage: Electric Door Opener Sydney

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These days, most of the homeowners rely on automatic garage door openers because they offer great convenience and better usability. In fact, using an automatic garage door opener is very easy, as by just pressing your remote’s button, you can operate your garage door and it is a great relief especially during bad climate. With our electric door opener sydney wide solutions, you are never in a fix or stuck up, so call us now.

However, if you’re experiencing a power outage on your premises, your automatic garage door opener suddenly becomes a huge inconvenience because without electricity there are least chances that your automatic garage door can function. Well, it doesn’t mean you’re in trouble as you can easily operate your garage door manually in such a situation. Here are some of the easiest ways to open an automatic garage door manually.

Locking the garage door manually

Although it has varied automatic features, most of the garage doors have a manual locking system that is used when there is no power. Generally, you can operate your garage door by pulling a large handle that is positioned in the centre of your garage, which helps to manually open and close the door.
Since operating the garage door is so easy, it is also easy for intruders to access their way into your garage and home. Hence, to avoid such situation, it is important to lock your garage door within the home so that no outsider can access it.

Manually operating the garage door during an extended power outage

If you’re facing an extended power outage on your premises, it is better to know and follow the safety features before you operate your garage door manually for a long time.

Release the manual trigger of the automatic garage door

Most of the automatic garage doors have a manual release to control the door when there is no electricity. This release is a red rope that hangs in the front of your garage door. Once you pull the red rope, it will discharge the trolley from the door track, which will allow you to operate your garage door manually.

Make sure that your garage door is not opened when you are releasing the rope because if at the time of releasing the trigger, the door goes up, then it may come rolling down and can hurt you or someone around.

If your garage door doesn’t have a release rope, it is recommended to refer the manufacturer’s manual and follow the instructions to disconnect the automatic features. Once the rope is released, you can manually operate your automatic garage door with great convenience.

Re-engaging your garage door to automatic features

Once the electricity is retained, the first thing you need to perform is to re-attach the automatic features to your garage door. In fact, re-engaging your automatic garage door is very easy by simply pulling down the red cord and then pulling it towards the garage door opening. After the cord is pulled properly, push the garage door upwards unless you hear a snap sound and see it lock back into its place. If you’re unable to push the door upwards, you can also press the button on the automatic garage door opener that will reattach the door automatically to the trolley.

Concluding words

If you’re unable to get back the automatic features of your garage door, or if you spot problems such as bent springs or broken parts on your garage door, never try to release your garage door manually. This might cause problems that are more awful and end up with a possibly hazardous situation. Hence, garage door repair will be required to make your garage door functional again. Get in touch with Metro Garage Services for garage door repairs or service in Sydney – Call 0456 560 404.