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Beginners guide to garages and carports.


Beginners guide to garages and carports.

Our garages and carports serve many purposes and can be placed pretty much anywhere on a property. Majority of them is built-in as an extension of the existing house, but in Sydney, we’ve also come across freestanding garages. They can be prefabricated or built from scratch.

How would you like to use your garage door space?

When it comes to the purpose of your garage or carport, it’s important to think about its structure.

If you have a good access to your block, you can easily build your garage in the backyard. This is very convenient for storage and more flexible for future conversion to another use, such as granny flat or a home office.

The general rule for storing cars is that you need 3.6m x 7.2m of space per car. Hence, a double garage size, should be 7.2m x 7.2m. Don’t forget to allow extra space if you have a big car, or for other items, you would like to store in there.

If you are planning to turn your garage into a living space, you should then consider things like insulation, waterproofing and interior design. A steel garage will be hotter in summer than a brick one, so when choosing your garage material consider not only your budget, but also how much time you might be spending in there.

Most of the garages and carports are built on a concrete slab, so you’ll need to have space to lay one. If you would like to choose a heavier structure, make sure the slab is thick enough.

The design and style of your garage should always blend in with your house. If it’s a part of your frontage, it should complement the other buildings on the street too.

Some councils in Australia regulate the design of your garage or carport. The garage and carport may also require a property development application as they are permanent structures. Other legislation may affect its design, such as insulation if you are planning to live there. Your council may offer exemptions on a prefabricated garage when it comes to proximity to boundaries and buildings. Regulations vary from council to council, so always check with yours in Sydney. There’s not a general set of rules you can apply to every case.

Garage types in Sydney.

Freestanding garage – prefabricated metal.

Essentially a large shed with a garage door, this garage usually arrives at your door already made or in ready-to-assemble pieces.

A prefabricated garage – generally steel – is a common renovation choice, because it’s a cheap alternative and in some cases, you might be able to build it yourself.

This type of a garage is especially popular in countryside like Hunter Valley, where blocks are much bigger and it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Freestanding garage – non-prefabricated.

Building a new freestanding garage isn’t a cheap option but allows you a lot more freedom with the design. Contact an architect or a good builder who will help you bring your ideas to life. Also, make sure to research the garage door options. Sydney’s market is full of great options for every taste and budget.

Garage built into a house.

Adding a garage to the side of an existing house is not a common renovation choice as it’s a quite expensive option, and may require more specific planning. Such project often involves changing the building structure as it affects at least one of the outer walls.

On the positive side, using this method will significantly increase the value to your property, not to mention the convenience of having your car easily accessed from the house.

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