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Our Testimonials – Installing garage door opener in Rossmore

Welcome back to our blog.

We know that you are used to all sorts of professional tips and advices we provide here for our followers. However, today we have something special for you.

We basically couldn’t resist sharing this great experience with our readers. Last week our office received this fantastic letter from one of our clients.

Thank you so much, Julie, for the kind message. We strive to deliver exceptional service to our customers at any time and we are glad we have met your expectations. We hope to see you again when you need help with your garage doors.

Our Testimonials – Installing garage door opener in Rossmore


The letter from Julie:

I feel compelled to put this in writing as this company; Metro Garage Services is the most professional and reliable in its area of expertise. Some three-four weeks ago my elderly parents needed to replace an electric garage door opener on their property at Rossmore. Easy you may say –well no it was exactly the opposite, it was a nightmare.

Having contacted no less than five other companies for quotes, they either didn’t turn up, didn’t call back or didn’t send the quote. Out of the two that actually came to the house, neither of them were seen again. Neither of these companies had the common courtesy just to call and say they couldn’t make it or apologise for being unable to repair the garage door. My parents spent hours at home waiting for people who never turned up or contacted them over the phone.

Metro Garage Services was the last company I was prepared to try and I honestly didn’t hold out much hope. I spoke to Bill on Tuesday and explained my experience with the other companies and exactly what I needed to be done. He assured me he would come out to the property the following day and then call me back with a quote. As you may assume, I was very skeptical, but to my absolute delight two tradesmen turned up the following day. After inspecting the problem, these professionals provided me with a clear quote and came back the same afternoon to fix the problem.

Metro Garage Services had achieved in 24 hours what five others companies couldn’t manage in three-four weeks.

I commend the professionalism of Metro Garage Services and thank Bill and the staff immensely for their common courtesy in doing exactly what they say they will do. I highly recommend Metro Garage Services – you will not be disappointed.


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