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Organise your garage with these 5 simple tips.

clean your garage

If your garage currently feels like an impenetrable mess of boxes, garden tools and who knows what then it’s time to get organised.

– Clear the clutter from your garage

The more space you can create, the easier this job is going to be. Good ideas to create more space are holding a garage sale, donating items to charity or just throwing things away.


– Group similar items together

Now that you’ve cleared some of the clutter it’s time to group like items together. This will make finding things a lot easier than rummaging through a seemingly endless line-up of boxes every time you’re looking for a hammer.

If you have a lot of different size screws or nails, try putting them into an organiser with compartments – they come in all different shapes and sizes – it will make finding the right size screw so much easier.


– Create zones in your garage

Making specific areas for different things will make your garage a better place to work. Try putting all your garden tools and equipment together; tools should be near your workbench and so on.

Use a pegboard to hang your tools on the wall – it will make them easy to find and keep your bench clear.


– Stack tools and other items with shelving

There are plenty of garage shelving options to choose from. Lightweight, heavy duty and easy to put together, garage shelves are a must. Best of all, if you move you can take these shelves with you to your next garage.

Also, make sure you utilise all available space – try using racks high up on the wall for rarely used items to maximise storage.


– Create space by hanging items

If your garage has rafters then you’re in luck – they’re perfect for storage. Try using screw-in hooks to get lighter items off the ground and out of your way, while long pieces of dowel or timber can be easily stored in a length of poly pipe.

And if you’ve got a bike there are a variety of options, including hooks or hangers to hang them from the rafters, ceiling or a wall.

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