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Insulated garage doors – Experience the difference

insulated garage doors

This month at Metro Garage Services, we’re talking insulated garage doors in Sydney.

If you use your garage as a workshop, hobby room or retreat, or particularly if it’s directly attached to your house, then a new insulated garage door is definitely an investment you should consider.

Demographically, Australians are some of the lowest consumers of insulation technology, especially when it comes to insulated garage doors, whereas 80% of automatic garage doors produced worldwide are insulated, yet we continue to choose a hollow shell, non-insulated products.

Benefits of buying the insulated garage doors:

Thermal protection – against both heat and cold, which reduces heating and cooling bills.

Noise reduction – from internal and external sound penetration (perfect for the workshop or passionate drummers).

Quieter operation – due to reduced panel rattling.

Improved door strength – as insulation increases rigidity and impact resistance to panels.

Frameless construction – eliminates sharp internal edges, and areas used by pests to build nests.

While the worst of the winter temperatures are still in front of us, Sydney recently recorded its coldest March morning in six years, and the cold weather is set to continue.

Also, door insulation helps to keep your garage and conversely, attached house cool during summer months, which is a bonus as Sydney has recorded year-on-year increases in its average daytime temperature.

If you need to have your automatic garage doors repaired or you would like to upgrade it, don’t hesitate, contact Metro Garage Services. We are here to help you with any garage door issues you might face in your household or simply visit our website.