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Protect your garage, protect your home.


Protect your garage, protect your home

When it comes to your home security, the garage is often forgotten, which is problematic because this is one of most vulnerable areas in your household. Items kept inside the garage, such as power tools, lawn mowers and cars are appealing to thieves  and once a burglar makes into your garage, he gets easier access to the rest of your home.

Have a look at five steps we recommend for you to protect your garage:

Install a security system.

An updated security system in your garage is your best line of defence. If anyone tries to enter your garage when your system is set, the alarm will go off and can alert emergency services to be dispatched.

When it comes to choosing the right security provider, there are many things to consider. To decide which one is right for your property read the article below:

Cover the windows.

Keep all the windows in your garage covered with blinds, so potential burglars can’t window shop.

Upgrade to a motion detector lights.

Along with motion detector lights that may come with your security system, upgrade your current light fixtures in and around the garage to motion detector lights. Motion detectors are infrared waves that detect body temperature and moving objects. When motion is detected, a light turns on and stays on for a preset time.

Secure your garage door.

The door that leads to your house from the garage should be as secure as other external doors around your house. You want to stop any potential intruders from making it further into your home. If they somehow make it into your garage, make sure your garage door lock works well. You always can add additional locks or put in a padlock with a programmed entry code. The garage door should also be made of a sturdy material such as fibreglass, solid wood or metal.

Don’t leave your garage remote control in the car.

Avoid giving a burglar easy access to your garage by always taking the remote with you. You can get a small keychain remote to replace your regular remote at most home improvement stores. Make sure you match the remote to the brand and year of your current opener and follow the enclosed instructions to program it.

If you have any other questions regarding your garage door motor security.

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