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7 Things you Should Know Before Buying a Garage Door in Sydney

If your garage door in Sydney is as old as Justin Bieber and makes funny noises or is leaning to the side, it’s definitely time to invest in new one. Garage doors aren’t one size that fits all, so it’s wise to think about what features are the most important for you. Also after installing them, they will be an important part of your property so it’s good to consider its style as well.

  1. Security

It’s probably the most important of all features for homeowners. Some garage door openers are equipped with rolling-code technology which changes the code every time you use it.

  1. Safety

If you use your garage door a lot or have children, then it’s good to consider buying a door with a laser sensor. It detects objects in the path of the door while it’s closing.

  1. The material it’s made of

  • Wood – looks good but isn’t very durable
  • Steel – the most common and the least expensive, well know for a good level of security
  • Fibreglass – durable, but quite prone to cracks when exposed to cold weather
  • Aluminium – resists rust and corrosion, will work well in humid climate
  • Vinyl – relatively new material, affordable and low maintenance
  1. Styles

Garage door in Sydney come in three most popular styles: tilt-up, sectionals and roll-up.

The last on is made of small components connected into a large unit. The are more expensive than other types and usually require more maintenance. Sectional garage doors are made of three or four panels joined with hinges. These are known to cause mechanical failures. Tilt- ups are made from a single panel that opens with a ceiling mounted track.

  1. Motor

Pay attention to the horsepower ratings on the garage door. If you are buying a heavy garage door, consider a motor with a higher horsepower.

  1. Matching your home style

Make sure that the door you choose will blend well with your home design as well as neighbourhood. This choice can be important for the overall value of your property. So take your time before you choose one.


Cost isn’t only value you want to focus on, but it’s definitely an important part of it.

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