Automatic Garage Door Repairs Sydney: Case Study

If automatic garage door repairs sydney wide is what you’re after, our Metro Garage Services quick response team makes sure your garage door is operating like new again. Common problems with garage door include broken springs, automatic opener not working, broken sectional door cables, door opening and closing on its own, garage door not closing … Continued

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Automatic Garage Doors for Sydney Homes

With the super busy life in Sydney, we are all sharing; we’d all love to create an easier lifestyle for ourselves. If you’ve ever had automatic doors, imagine a day without them. Stopping your car in the carport, getting out, manually opening the door, getting back in, driving your car forward and finally getting out … Continued

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The importance of garage door maintenance for your home in Sydney

Just imagine what would happen if one day, you got in your car, as usual, to go to work and your garage door wouldn’t open, or worst case scenario, your automatic garage door opened, but didn’t close? How secure would you feel knowing all your possessions in your garage were exposed to anyone walking past … Continued

Repair your garage door motor in Sydney

Are you a property owner looking for a reputable company to carry out your garage door motor repair? Sydney metropolitan area property owners can now call Metro Garage Services, the professionals in the trade who can fix your garage door motor on the same day. Did you know the average life of a garage door … Continued

Respect your neighbours! Garage Roller Door and Motor Maintenance Tips

When you neighbours start complaining, or worse, yelling at you about the noise your roller door makes, you know it’s time to get it fixed. Your garage roller doors need maintenance or fixing when it: Opens slowly Shudders when opening Stops half way up or down Won’t open, even when the motor is running Doesn’t … Continued


Insulated garage doors – Experience the difference

This month at Metro Garage Services, we’re talking insulated garage doors in Sydney. If you use your garage as a workshop, hobby room or retreat, or particularly if it’s directly attached to your house, then a new insulated garage door is definitely an investment you should consider. Demographically, Australians are some of the lowest consumers … Continued

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Automatic Garage Door Opener Sydney

  We all know that buying an automatic garage door opener Sydney wide is a long-term investment. That’s why in today’s blog, we would like to list a couple of important factors you should consider before choosing the right automatic garage door opener for your home. Doors, whether are sectional, roller or tilt based, pre … Continued

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Family friendly garage – Part 1

              Statistics show that thousands of children suffer from accidents that take place at home each year. In addition, this particular study states that over 30% of Australian houses still have easy access for children to enter the garage. Our garages are often the place where we put the … Continued

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When it’s time to get a new garage door.

            The garage door is usually one of the most used doors in any household. Most of us to take for granted, as it’s often ignored for its real value. The garage door provides you with easy, convenient access, security, and can even add value to your home from an … Continued

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The colour of your automatic garage doors in Sydney

 With so many choices on the market, it’s really hard to know where to start when it comes to picking the right colour for your automatic garage doors. For most of us, it’s a quite important decision as sometimes our garage door takes up to 50% of the front of our property. A lot of … Continued

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