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Sydney Camden area's leading garage and roller door repairs

A garage door is one of the first lines of defense between your home and any unwanted visitors. A garage is more than a place to store your vehicle. It stands guard against the elements, wildlife, and potential criminals.

It can be easy to take your garage door for granted until something goes wrong. That’s when you begin to realise that you need a properly working door for convenience, safety, and peace of mind. You need a trustworthy company to take care of your garage door repair needs.

We understand that garage doors are important for the safety of you and your family.

Metro Garage Services is a family owned business specialising in servicing of automatic and electric garage door openers. We carry garage door remote controls for all doors, regardless of how old they are. We can also automate your existing garage or roller door in Camden.

That’s the advantage of working with an established company with years of experience.

Our services are available across Sydney metro area. Our dedication to our work has made us the leading company for garage door repairs in Sydney and Camden.


We offer everything you need to get your garage door in the best possible condition. We carry a large array of parts at affordable prices from simple roller doors to electric garage doors. We also have numerous services you can hire.

Our services include the following:

New remote controls.

You can browse through our gallery to view the different models we carry.

Repairing broken springs.

If you have problems with your garage doors getting stuck, we can get them fixed for you.

Fixing frayed, rusted, or broken wire cables.

Damaged cables can cause your garage doors to get stuck or prevent them from opening.

Fixing doors that run off track.

We can put your roller doors back on track on a short notice so your garage properly opens and closes.

Repairing noisy or squeaky garage doors.

Getting tired of the noise? We can make your doors nice and quiet in a short amount of time.

Metro Garage Services is dedicated to providing the best garage door servicing available in Camden.

Garage Doors

A huge safety concern for you and your family is if you lose the remote handset for your garage or a break-in occurs. In either scenario, your garage doors need be re-coded otherwise unwanted intruders could have access to your home through the garage.

At Metro Garage Services, we can address these issues immediately and secure your home.

Different homes have different doors, which require certain garage door repair techniques. This is why an experienced repair company is necessary to save you time and money on unnecessary future garage door repairs.

One of the most common garage door varieties is the panel door.

These are popular for their classic look but the downside is that vehicles risk getting damaged if they are parked too close. This can also damage the garage door itself. As a leading garage door repair company in Camden, we can get your panel door working like new again.

Another popular door type is the roller door.

These are built to be strong and sturdy but they can also get damaged if you are careless. Over the years Metro Garage Services has performed countless roller door repairs in Camden and we can help do the same for you.

Sectional garage doors are also quite common choice of homeowners in Camden.

They combine the look of a panel door with the motion of a roller door. They fit almost any garage and save space. People who own sectional garage doors trust us to make sure that their door is as reliable as the day it was purchased.

Metro Garage Services can also deal with the unique tilt garage door.

Like a garage panel door, a tilt door also slides up. This means that their style comes with a risk. It’s common for these to be knocked off track by a run in with a parked car. If you own one of these, we provide quality tilt garage door servicing in Camden.

No matter what kind of garage door you have Metro Garage Services will be able to get it working again.

If you have any trouble, do not hesitate to call us. We are committed to providing the best garage door repair service in Camden and will have your door working like new in no time.

Do not wait until the last minute to get your garage doors serviced and contact us today.

To enquire about our services or to get a free quote, call us at 0456 560 404.