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Garage Door Specialists in Sydney Annandale area


When you want the best in garage door repairs in Annandale you need to call Metro Garage Services. With many years of experience in repairing all types of garage doors, we have the expertise to get it right the first time. Our team of mobile technicians will get you back on track fast! You will have peace of mind knowing your repaired garage door will operate smoothly and efficiently. Metro Garage Services offers prompt garage door servicing to your home or business in Annandale and other Sydney suburbs. Ask about our competitive pricing and warranty.

Metro Garage Services repairs and services garage doors for home owners, business and commercial, strata title, multi residential, real estate agents and other property managers. Give us a call on 0456 560 404 and ask about our insurance repairs service.

All Types of Garage Doors Repairs in Annandale

Whatever your brand or type of garage door, we will be able to help you fast! No matter if you have a sectional door, roller door, tilt door, commercial or industrial door, our team have the know how to do the job. Our expertise in garage doors repairs covers issues you may have with remote control, springs, pulleys, brackets, tracks or the garage door itself.

Because Metro Garage Services specialises in fast garage door repairs, our fleet of mobile technicians carries a wide range of parts required to repair most garage doors. This eliminates the need for a return visit, and means most repairs can be completed on the spot! Call now and let us know about your job.

We would love to offer you a competitive price and efficient service – call us on 0456 560 404 or request a quote via our contact form.


Annual Garage Door Servicing

Most people believe that their garage door will keep functioning like new year after year with no maintenance. This is simply not the case. Garage doors are essentially a piece of machinery and as such, they require regular maintenance and lubrication to keep them functioning at their best.

The best way to avoid your garage door needing repair is with an annual service call. Preventative maintenance ensures that your garage door functions smoothly and efficiently every time. There’s nothing worse than a garage door that sticks, or simply won’t open or close. Typically our garage door maintenance service includes wear and tear inspection, cleaning, lubrication of parts and testing the motor.

For more information about our services in Annandale visit our website.