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We Install Garage Door Openers in Sydney Abbotsford area

An automatic garage door is the affordable and timesaving convenience for any car-owner in Sydney. They save you the trouble of opening and closing your garage door by hand, when you are tired or in a rush, or for those bad weather days. You already have a smartphone and a smart TV, isn’t it also time to upgrade your existing garage door with an automatic opener? We are glad to include Abbotsford Sydney as part of our service coverage area.

Remote garage door openers installed and maintained.

Call 0456 560 404 and talk to Metro Garage Services to get your existing garage door in Abbotsford upgraded with a new automatic garage door opener. The Metro Garage Services team installs Merlin brand equipment. We guarantee that only the latest technology solutions will be applied. Choose the most suitable garage door motors and openers thanks to the abundance of available models we have to offer.

Common Problems

  • Your car very often stays parked outside because it is convenient that way
  • Exposure to bad weather
  • Bad health or an old age prevents opening door
  • Leaving children in car alone
  • Heavy for children or elderly to lift
  • Lost keys or broken locks


  • Motorise your garage door, whether it’s a roller door, tilt door or sectional/panel door.

Installation of automatic garage door openers in Abbotsford

Metro Garage Services install new automatic garage door openers in Sydney. Take your existing non-motorised garage door and professionally install a remote controlled opener. Enjoy the immediate convenience of the latest garage door opener technology. Our services and products are guaranteed for your peace of mind.