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Garage Door Repair

Garage doors need annual maintenance to ensure ongoing hassle-free operation. The age of your garage door will determine what kind of maintenance tasks that will be required to keep your garage opener system working correctly for the upcoming year. When your garage door starts to play up on you, contact Metro Garage Services for a quick quote and a prompt appointment to fix your garage door opener system.

Garage Door Repair in  by Metro Garage Services

Metro Garage Services specialises in garage door repair and servicing for garages. We offer maintenance and repair for all major door types. We are experts in garage roller door repairs, as well as other door types including sectional, panel and tilt doors. We also cover all repair work associated with all major brands of garage door motors and openers. In most cases, we are able take care of your garage door repair job, same day and on the spot.

Maintenance and service of your garage doors and openers as recommended by the manufacturer is the best way to ensure the long and productive work cycle. Get in touch to learn more about the best solutions for your doors and openers.

Problem Scenarios

Repairs to your garage may be required if you encounter any of the following issues when you try to operate your garage door. The most common problems associated with garage doors include the following:

  • roller door jamming or ballooning
  • stuck open or closed
  • you need to open it manually not automatically
  • emergency release is stuck
  • lock or key damaged
  • door heavy to lift, dropping, or not staying in open position
  • remote control is not responding or working
  • motor running but with no movement
  • roller door too noisy or squeaking
  • light is not working
  • springs or hinges broken

Garage Door Repair Options with Metro Garage Services

Here is a short list of Garage Door Repair options that Metro Garage can do for you

  • Clean vertical tracks
  • Lubricate and re-align
  • Tension and inspect all bolts and nuts
  • Clean and lubricate nylon felt on all four sides
  • Lubricate, adjust and re-tension internal springs
  • Clean and lubricate bushes on both sides
  • Reprogram motor,
  • Adjust the open and close limits
  • Force adjustment
  • Replace weather strip
  • Clean, lubricate, and adjust wheel bearings


*2hr response time is subject to availability
**$150 Flat Rate is valid Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm in the Sydney metro area only, excluding public holidays. Fee includes call out fee plus all repairs, not including parts