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Garage doors servicing and maintenance in Sydney

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As the biggest mechanical device in your household in Sydney. Your automatic garage door needs to be serviced regularly to work properly for many years to come. Something as simple as checking your door balance will ensure your door is not causing stress to the opener, and annual lubrication of the door and opener will ensure the most efficient possible operation.

Follow our standard maintenance steps to obtain the longest possible life from your automatic garage door opener.

Note: To avoid serious injuries:

  • Always call a professional if your garage door binds, sticks or it’s out of balance
  • Never try to loosen or adjust garage door hardware yourself, call a technician

Monthly Check-Up:

Testing alignment and balance of the door.

  • With the door closed, release the garage door from the opener, by pulling the red rope straight down and then towards the motor unit. With the door disconnected from the opener, you should be able to open and close the garage door manually. Well functioning door should be lightweight and operate smoothly in both the up and down direction. If the door sticks or binds, it means it’s out of alignment and will need to be serviced by a professional.
  • Open the door halfway and the disconnect it. The door should stay in place, completely supported by the springs. If the door begins to fall towards the floor or starts to rise upwards, the door is out of balance and will need to be checked by a technician

Safety Reversal System.

  • Fully open the door and place any object on the floor, centred under the garage door.
  • Press the button to close it. The door should reverse upon the obstruction. If the door stops on the obstruction, it is not travelling far enough in the down direction. Increase the down limit by turning the down limit adjustment counterclockwise.

Repeat the test.

  • On a sectional door, make sure limit adjustments do not force the door arm beyond a straight up and down position
  • If the door will not reverse after repeated adjustment attempts, contact a garage door technician
  • Make sure you repeat the text every month

Yearly Check-Up

Lubricating moving parts

  • Use a small amount of lubricant (white lithium based) for the door rollers, bearing and hinges
  • Lubricate the house frame where the door contacts the wood with a regular wax candle. This will help the door to slide easily against the house while opening or closing.

Once every 2-3 years

Lubricate the garage door opener rail. Use a clean rag to wipe existing lubrication from the centre rail and reapply a small layer of fresh lubrication. We recommend using a white lithium based grease for all lubrication purposes.

If you are still facing any issues with your automatic garage door in your property in Sydney.

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