5 incredible companies that started in a garage.

Working on a startup project is not easy. At the very beginning, entrepreneurs do not have anything besides their great idea and determination. With no money, limited resources and short runway, startups need to resort to what they have. What makes an ideal garage workplace? Well, it doesn’t cost you anything and all you need … Continued

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Organise your garage with these 5 simple tips.

If your garage currently feels like an impenetrable mess of boxes, garden tools and who knows what then it’s time to get organised. – Clear the clutter from your garage The more space you can create, the easier this job is going to be. Good ideas to create more space are holding a garage sale, … Continued

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The colour of your automatic garage doors in Sydney

 With so many choices on the market, it’s really hard to know where to start when it comes to picking the right colour for your automatic garage doors. For most of us, it’s a quite important decision as sometimes our garage door takes up to 50% of the front of our property. A lot of … Continued

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Can’t find your car? It’s time to clean your garage!

                For most of us, the garage is much more than just a place for keeping the car — it’s a man cave, a garden shed, a bike rack, gym or an extra wardrobe. But in most of our households, the multiple functions of a garage get out … Continued

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Garage door opener that is not responding

In the month of January, Metro Garage Services decided to pair up with another garage repair company to share our knowledge about the industry with our followers and make their life easier with professional advice. Have a look at the article below and tell us your thoughts: The article was published on the Automatic Garage … Continued

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Protect your garage, protect your home.

When it comes to your home security, the garage is often forgotten, which is problematic because this is one of most vulnerable areas in your household. Items kept inside the garage, such as power tools, lawn mowers and cars are appealing to thieves  and once a burglar makes into your garage, he gets easier access … Continued

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Garage Door Openers Sydney

Have a look at seven most important reasons why you should install an Automatic Garage Door Openers. People often leave their cars outside because it is convenient to do so, but it exposes your car to dust and debris from trees as well as falling branches. Exposure to bad weather. Your car is often exposed … Continued

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